Liquid Force Kites team rider Christophe Tack reports from Brazil, the training ground for much of the LF team this year. Read on and become envy-ous.

“Brazil= warm water, lots of lagoons, nice temperatures, awesome açai and daily wind!

Definitely an amazing place to practice new tricks and hang out. This year I’m traveling around in the North of Brazil in order to focus on the last two PKRA events (China and New Caledonia).

I met up with German Vice champion Nils Wesh and local hero Alexandre Neto in Cumbuco, Cauipe first. Riding together and pushing each other the whole time was a ton of fun! This year is also more fun and a bit different for me since my brother Philip Tack has joining me for a month-with great pictures as a result!!

Currently, I’m staying in Barra Nova and catching up with Manuela Jungo and James Boulding. Unfortunately James has problems with his lower back so he hasn’t been able to join in the fun on the water.. Bummer… But that’s given him more time to help Manuela on her latest tricks and to film the rest of us! Amazing videos will surface from our director of Steeze Productions!!

Next up, Taiba, where we will meet up with Brandon Scheid and Sensi Graves!”

The Liquid Force pure fun just does not stop.

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