Brandon Scheid – Premium Canadian Freestyle

This is a short story of Brandon Scheid's trip through Canada. Go ahead Brandon!

The Canada trip started when fellow team rider Craig Cunningham picked me up at the Buffalo airport.  We got in the car and started wittling away at the 4.5 hr drive to Sauble Beach, and Sam Medesky's place.  It was a pretty long drive and we ended up getting to Sams cottage around 1am.  Good news was that the wind was howling, always a good sign for the upcoming contest.

We awoke the next morning to blustery NW winds.  Sam advised us to go scope out a spot called Oliphant for a possible sesssion.  Oli, as its known, is one of Ontario’s most popular kite beaches, it consists of two large sandy shallow bays.  We headed to the north bay to make the most of the dying wind.  Craig put up his 13m Hi-fi and I launched my 12m Envy, we were surprised to feel some power and headed out into the water.  The low end of these two kites is amazing, we were able to ride and throw powered tricks right up until the wind shut off.  Unfortunatley we had to do the dreaded walk of shame back to the car.  With the wind gone we packed up and headed back to the cottage to meet up with Sam and the rest of the crew.  We went over some plans for the contest and headed off for a night at the bar.

The next day we headed down to the event site to get all the tents and sliders set up for the day.  Craig and I got the LF tent setup complete with a 2011 Envy, LFX, Contact, Comp Harness, and Synergy CT's.  By the time we had everything ready there were kites in the sky.  We got everything prepped, set up kites and hit the water.  By the time we were all ready the wind had backed off and people were having trouble staying up wind.  Instead of riding we busted out a kite buggy and we all got out first runs down the beach.  I have to tell you, for looking so lame, kite buggying is actually pretty fun.  You can go really fast and do some insane power slides.  We all got pretty good in just a few turns and I was once again amazed at the 2011 LF Envy! Even driving the buggy straight downwind wouldn’t make the kite stall.  It is the most stable kite I have ever flown

Saturday morning provided light offshore wind, perfect for a rail jam.  We got in the water and set up all the rails.  There was a up box we built the day before, a 40ft up gap to flat, a kicker and a super ghetto up flat rail.  We drew up some heats and started the runs,  they consisted of one warm-up lap then three that were judged.  I was riding my 138 LFX and Synergy CT's, it was the perfect setup for the rails, I was quite pleased.  We ended up hitting the rails all day with the finals winding down to Eric Rienstra and myself.  I was able to edge him out with some nice inverts on the kicker.  We ended the day back at the cottage with some cold beers, everyone was sore.

We all woke up Sunday morning to 15-20 and bluebird skies.  By the time we got to the event site there was already 20 kites in the sky.  With the onshore conditions they decided to have an expression session instead of run heats.  Everyone was stoked to be on the water and it sure made for one hell of a show for the crowd. After riding for the crowd for a bit, Craig and I headed down the beach to get some different shots.  We rode by a pole and fence in the water.  Craig was able to line up some shuvits on his skate and I got some pole and fence bonks.  Once everyone was tired from the riding we all gathered up and gave out the results.  With no heats being held the winners were carried over from the rail jam the day before. Brian “BCS” Smith took 3rd, Rienstra got 2nd and I snagged the 1st place spot., Hatty represent!  The event went over really well! There were a ton of riders and spectators and it felt like the whole city really embraced the event.  I cant wait until the 2011 Sauble Beach Kite Jam!

We took off Sunday night towards Craigs house and the Long Point Slick.  After a good nights rest we headed to the secret kite spot.  With Craig as our guide the LTR crew took the short boat ride to the Slick, which is a spot nestled in the reeds with flatwater everywhere.  We were all stoked to get on the water and get some shots, Chuck Friedman was shooting video and fellow photog Dave Tran was taking stills.  We were able to get some really unique shots and had a blast riding in the slick.  It was great to have power and a private slick all to ourselves.  We ended the day with a nice boat ride back to the car, everyone was beat but very pleased with the days riding.  I cant lie its been a great time up here in Canada!

photo credit for final 8 goes to David Tran